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Factory functionsNew keywordcreates a new objectsets the this context to the new objectgood examples at Factory functionany function that returns a new object (just done manually)createUser : function(username) {       return {           name: username       } }

Great blog on Functional programming. For me does an excellent job of highlighting the difference between pure functions and bonified functional programming. lodash fp is a wrapper around lodash to provide immutable, auto curried, iteratee first data last functions.

Currying seems to make sense here, just functions that return a function. The data param is often omitted at the end to make the function more re-usable.

Currying, just keeps returning a function until it has all the arguments. This is why it makes sense to have the data arg last so it can be provided last.

I still can't see the functional programming being realistically easier to use but pure functions definitely make a lot of sense.